domenica 2 gennaio 2011

Stumble on TIM BISKUP

First of all, happy new year folks ;-) !

Tim Biskup is the artist I've chosen as a good start to the year for my lowbrow blog!

The way I discovered him is through an article published on the "Hi-Fructose Collected Edition" Book. I really recommend this book, since it is very well done, the printings quality is very high and there is a wide range of the artists work pictures! It's very enjoyable! (here you can find more info about it!)
Then, I have to admit, I also have one of his little characters: the BIRDUZASU! I love it, especially the scalopped detailing. Here it is:

I really love his art because it simply makes me smile and I enjoy it very much. Though may it seem very simple, it is definitely more than that: in its simplicity his art spreads intense energy. The characters are simple too, but also in this case, Tim is able to add them particular characteristics (e.g. tiny smooth freckles) which add to his characters a very cute and fancy look!

What I like are also his peculiar paintings, composed simply by fancy patterns. It is amazing, bacause one understands that art is very easy and simple, the only necessary ingredient is creativity, and Tim has stock up on it!

I'd like to quote Tim, where he says "I actually end up with very few paintings that I give up on. A big part of that confidence is knowing that if a painting seems like it's not working that it is probably just a new direction that I don't understand yet. I've learned to keep working on things when they start looking terrible. That's where the biggest leaps come from. Working small takes a lot of the risk out of trying new ideas".

Tim has classified his approach, the thick with detail paintings, as "Baroque Modernism". But what's more important, is that what emerges from his art are: shapes, colors and monsters.. zombies.. whales.. things! :-P
Simply, what emerges from Tim's artwork is the mere combination of scary, cute, fancy and "stupid" elements, with a great choice of colors and shapes.

Here there are some of his ridiculously popular artworks, or if you prefer, go directly on Tim's website. Enjoy!

Incense Burner

The Pink Drink

Mutation On The Bounty


Bird Filled Sky

Detail of Golden Plague