giovedì 28 ottobre 2010


The artist of the day is Audrey Kawasaki.

Few years ago I stumbled accidentally on her personal website and I immediately felt in love with her art!

What attracted me was the simultaneous presence of innocence and eroticism in her "creatures". It is amazing how these two characterstics go arm in arm in her art. I think this is why one get seduced at first glance when facing her paintings.

One sees two completely different approaches in one piece and get attracted by these creatures shrouded in mystery.
It is also possible to choose the side you like and it gives one freedom.
Delighted, satisfied and free.

What makes her art even more intriguing are also the asian elements that she chooses. This brings the paintings to a higher level and Audrey's creatures become mysterious beings, reachable only in dreams.
Often they possess a talisman, which seems to be the answer one looks for or the problem that overwhelms the situation.

In the Juxtapoz number 90, Audrey explains "All my paintings portray this one female, I'm somewhat possessed or haunted by her." This reoccurring archetypal feminine "other" has developed within Audrey's psyche for the past decade. "Ever since my high school years I was always drawn to a type of mood or imaginery. The girl reappears in all my pieces, fading in and out," she explains. "She's there, and then she's gone."

This elusive, hauntingly unattainable female often reflects how Audrey seems to feel about herself.
Haunted by her girls and their elusive dispositions, Audrey appears to have resigned herself to a life-long struggle to know them. She isn't afraid to directly confront her girls, look them in their sultry eyes, and ask that questions we've all asked ourselves: "Who the hell are you?"

A virtual battleground between the innocent and the erotic, Audrey's paintings embody that tender space where youth meets its nemesis. "She's a character or being that's very mysterious. I have to bring her back again and again; I have to keep painting her to find her."

For more information about Audrey, check her website!

...and which is my favorite?
I have many, but if I have to choose I would pick this one:

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