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Since in the last post the artist was particular and at points bizarre for some tastes, I decided to compensate by writing about a softer, smoother and vintage alike artist.
Here she is: Amanda Visell.

Her art is so naive and so funny that it makes me feel good every time I see it.
As happened with Yoskay Yamamoto, I discovered Amanda Visell in the same way: through her vinyl toys (like the zebracorn, the pink elephant, the fat cat, etc. ).

The Zebracorn and Amanda Visell

She's been very productive so far and seems that whatever she has in mind she can realize it, both 2D and 3D, and of course I profited by collecting all her vinyl toys (needless to say how proud I am of it).
It seems to me that through her characters I can lighten in 3D the atmosphere of her art.
I love to see at home all my (tiny and giant) Amanda's toys moving around and making a mess in my room, because, of course, they do not really stay still... huh-huh :)
At the very moment that you turn the corner you don't know what to expect from them!

the other day jackalope threw a party under the couch &
the devil businessman was already on the floor.

As you have noticed my username seems to have something in common with the vinyl toy above and I confirm you that your assumption is totally right!
I loved it at first sight and I imagined myself as a tiny zebracorn. Is it a zebra with a corn bizarre? Of course it isn't! 
Well, in any case, I love it because the corn adds a magic halo to the zebra character and moreover it reminds me to my childhood's characters I used to imagine.
What's more intriguing are the corn' special powers that the tiny zebra has (of course without beeing even aware of it) and the same is true for me: I know I have this special ability too, but I'm still figuring out how to activate it, so far works only accidentally.

Here you have some of her quirky paintings.

 Bayou Hoo

Robot Tea Party


I enjoy her bizarre characters and the stories she tells through them. It's amazing how powerful and harmonious they are and by looking at them you can imagine what will happen next. It seems to me that the image comes into life and if you close your eyes and reopen them quickly, something in the painting has changed: as if in that very moment one of the characters is having fun by winking at you.
You have no idea what a crazy story of the stray cats above I could tell you... huh-huh.

One of my favorite is this crazy alligator. I laugh by imagining that he devours the icecream pile and pretends the second after an instantaneous refill, like he never had one.

Ice Cream Crazy Alligator

If you wanna smile and see the quirkiest stories don't hesitate and have a loot at all her art. You are going to enjoy it, like I do continuously.
I heartily recommend you to check here her website and her blog.

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