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For this post I decided to keep the fil rouge of the "through-vinyl-toys-discoveries" and those of you who adore such toys and type of art, like I do, will be pleased to read about Mori Chack. 
At least, that's my hope.. well I can't imagine someone who doesn't like him!!

Who's Mori Chack? Well, the below image definitely helps!

Gloomy Bear

Mori Chack and the Giant Gloomy Bear

I found no personal paintings but character designs, in fact Mori is originally a graphic designer and that's his nature. He only now entered the vinyl toys world as street artist.
The gloomy bear is his most famous character, followed by Podolly and Kumakikai. All of them are designed with the same style and in intense opposition to what we're nowadays used to: cheap cuteness.

Podolly, wicked sheep almost eaten by the wolf above

Kumukikai, the robotic flying Gloomy Bear

Nowadays we're overwhelmed by companies like Disney, Sanrio's Hello Kitty and others, which keep on emphasizing anthropomorphous animals (terrible!!). An animal is wild by nature and it will never feel the same that humans do. I can't prove it but I know it is so.
I really agree with Mori's belief that humans and animals are incompatible, they stand on a different levels, that's the reality and we have to accept it. Mori's Gloomy Bear shows it expressly as it's covered by blood and eats/attacks humans.
I love the way Mori ventured to design such a character. It's the contrast that we need to, at least, realize what the situation really is.

What I love in his characters is that he was able to smartly bond cuteness and wickedness. The Gloomy Bear, for instance, it's soft, smooth, harmonious, pink and then suddenly you see this bright red blood drops dripping from his mouth and suddenly you realize that it isn't what you imagined at first, because it's weird, wrong, tough.
The simplicity of the image creates such a perfect character, able to make the world's contradictions emerge and leave room to reflection.

At the end, the naughty Gloomy Bear seems to act the part of every single cute bear, which has been (mis)treated from humans and finally our naughty hero is wreaking revenge on them by actins finally according to his wild nature.

I found a video of the naughty gloomy bear and his human friend "hanging out" together, which is beyond limits and controls, as it has to be: totally insane!

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